We manufacture high-quality felt from sheep’s wool. Wool felt is used in many ways, e.g. in the automotive, electrical or furniture industry, in mechanical engineering or in the design industry. We supply wool felt by the metre in widths of up to 2,000 mm, in numerous colours, thicknesses and in different densities.



Our needle felts are used in various areas, e.g. as industrial felt in mechanical engineering, as packaging material or in the automotive industry, but also as felt in the fields of architecture and design. We supply needle felt by the metre in widths of up to 2,400 mm (depending on the article) and in any desired density.



Our needle felt is used in many filter elements, e.g. for fine dust filters, filter cartridges or filter cartridges. Our felt is also used as a filter cloth. Whether solids from liquids, solids from gases or aerosols from gases: We supply the right filter media.



Trenchless sewer rehabilitation using the pipe lining method saves costs and protects residents and the environment. Every year, over 700 kilometres of pipelines are rehabilitated worldwide with our needle felt liners. This makes us one of the leading suppliers of felt and felt/glass hoses for trenchless pipe rehabilitation (CIPP – Cured-In-Place-Pipes).

Applications of our products

Felt for the industry

Because we can felt.

Natural properties for technology and design

Felt is one thing above all: extremely versatile. That’s why our high-quality felts have long been indispensable components in a wide variety of industrial applications through to consumer goods. Sometimes visible, sometimes invisible, in a wide variety of shapes and qualities.


Attuned to the environment

Our natural felts are free of binders and synthetic wetting agents and are completely biodegradable. All colors that we use to dye our felts are approved according to the consumer goods ordinance. Finally, we are aware of our ecological responsibility as a supplier.

Our products are mulesing free!

 The welfare of the animals is very close to our hearts. That is why we process only mulesing-free wool. The method used in Australia to protect against the parasites living there causes considerable suffering to the sheep. Therefore, we source our merino wool only from countries where mulesing is prohibited or not necessary due to the local sheep breeds and conditions.

Our products

is no coincidence with us.

We were one of the first production companies in the industry to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. This has enabled us to make a name for ourselves in recent years as a reliable industrial partner for the development and production of highly specialised textile applications.

Put us
to the test.

In our own laboratory and development area, we develop new felt materials and textile products from wool and synthetic fibers. In addition to our own developments, we work on new, individual solutions and applications on behalf of customers.

Safe is safe
We are earthquake-proof.

Certain technical aspects are a basic requirement for needle felt liners for trenchless sewer rehabilitation. One of these is that the products must be earthquake-proof. We have passed the practical test impressively, as an earthquake in Japan showed.

Felt for the industry

For each project

the right choice

Our basis

Quality is our basis

We make high-quality felt – for you! Felt is an extremely adaptable material and suitable for more and more solutions in numerous industries. Are you toying with an innovative felt solution in your field? Let’s explore the possibilities together! There is one thing you can be absolutely sure of: A particularly durable and hard-wearing quality is our top priority. Our felts are constantly being further developed so that you receive the best possible basis for your area of application. Sustainable production is the be-all and end-all for us: We produce exclusively with certified green electricity, and our waste minimization system ensures resource-saving manufacturing. The foundation for our quality promise is also our profound quality assurance – we give our best for you and your requirements in the field of felt! Take advantage of our comprehensive consultation and let’s see together what we and our high quality products can do for you.

We move forward with innovations

For us, tradition and innovation go hand in hand. We are one of the world’s leading companies in felt manufacturing – and that is only possible with a high will to innovate, which is already in our genes. We are constantly setting new standards and working with you to develop innovative solution concepts and new areas of application. With our special solutions, we take great strides forward and set our sights on the future. You, as our customer, are always at our side and together we set sail for new horizons, product innovations and innovations.

Research and development are our standard

Research into new, future-proof products and application areas is essential for our and your development and is our focus. We permanently invest in research as well as in the further development of our employees and production facilities. In this way, we have qualified ourselves as your reliable partner in the field of development, research and production and continue to specialize. In our in-house laboratories, not only are our existing products constantly tested for quality, but new developments are also constantly advanced. In the course of further development, sustainability also takes a high priority – for innovative, highly specialized and environmentally friendly products for you and your business!

We are your competent partner – now and in the future!

In order to be a reliable partner at your side in the long term, we strive for the best possible cooperation in all matters. We offer you high-quality products, work out customized solutions with you and always focus on further development and continuously improve our processes. Your satisfaction is a matter close to our hearts, which is why we also offer you comprehensive service and advice from A to Z. What can you expect from us? Nothing less than contemporary, innovative and high-quality solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs!


Together for new solutions

In the search for innovative solutions, we see ourselves today as your active partner and together with you we develop future-oriented application areas and system solutions. This is why our products, which have been specially developed for their intended use, are being used more and more all over the world: be it in the renovation of pipelines, filtration, in the wide range of technical applications in industry, for design objects or even as a high-quality wool felt material, e.g. for the footwear industry.