Industrial quality

SOLTA®TEC | Needle felt by RÖDERS.

Needle felt for technical applications (industrial felt).


Fabric in perfection: needle felt.

The technique of needling or needle felting has been in use for decades and has been continuously perfected by us to this day. In this process, special felting needles pierce through the fiber layers, changing the natural arrangement and thus leading to a densification.

Needle felting is a mechanical process that does not require the addition of adhesives or the fusing of fibers. Our SOLTA®TEC needle felt is used in a variety of industrial applications.

Applications for SOLTA®TEC.



Properties of SOLTA®TEC.

  • Non-flammable / self-extinguishing: e.g. for applications at high temperatures
  • Store, transfer liquids: Ink reservoir such as ink pad
  • Polishing: Cleaning and polishing of surfaces e.g. for vehicle washes
  • Density: As die cut or cut strips
  • Insulate / Steam: Against heat, cold, noise or vibration
  • Mechanically stable: For high tensile loads or shear forces with e.g. brake felt
  • Elastic: Good resilience after load for e.g. gaskets
  • Chemical stable: For contact with chemicals for e.g. seals
  • Thermally deformable: e.g. for molded parts in vehicles or in interior design

Now it’s getting technical.

As standard, you receive SOLTA®TEC needle felts by the meter with a width of up to 2,400 mm. These can be produced – according to your requirements – in various thicknesses and densities. The bandwidth ranges from “cotton-soft” to “board-hard”. The thicknesses range from 1 mm to 50 mm.

The use of different fiber materials results in versatile properties of needle felt. Additional finishes allow a variety of applications, and even opposing product properties can be achieved.


Surfaces rough or soft

Water repellent

Electrostatic conductive

Breaking hard



Chemical stable

Mechanically stable

Non flammable


Felt properties


Insulating, noise insulating


Examples of special equipment:

Often, it is not a standard product that is required, but a felt material that is precisely adapted to the application. With additional finishes, the needlefelt product can be adapted even better to the intended use. The following examples are only a selection. We will be happy to discuss further equipment and details for your application with you.

Smooth, rough or soft surfaces

ÜBy structuring the surface, the adhesion of particles can be influenced, for example.


Functional surfaces such as barrier layers or slip-resistant coatings can improve the usability of the product.

Deep equipment

The properties of needle felts can be greatly altered by finishes. Examples are the beading off of water drops, the independent extinguishing of ignited needle felt or even board-hard felts while retaining the textile appearance.

DIN EN ISO 9001 Zertifikat

Sustainability is our concern

We were one of the first production companies in the industry to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. As a result, we have made a name for ourselves in recent years as a reliable industrial partner for the development and production of highly specialized textile applications.

Ongoing investments in equipment and the permanent education and training of our employees form the basis for quality and market-oriented products.

In the company’s own laboratory, in addition to intensive testing of the produced goods and new developments, we also carry out tests on behalf of customers.