Needle felt for technical applications (industrial felt).

Material perfection: needle felt.

The technique of needling or needle felting has existed for decades and today we continue to perfect this method. In needle felting, special needles are used to pierce the layers of fiber, so changing their natural configuration and resulting in a compaction.

Needle felting is a mechanical process that takes place without the addition of adhesives or the merging of the fibers. Our SOLTA®TEC needle felt is used in a wide variety of ways in industry.

Applications for SOLTA®TEC.

Properties of SOLTA®TEC.

  • Non-flammable/self-extinguishing: e.g. for applications at high temperatures

  • Storage and transfer of liquids: Ink storage such as rubber stamp pads

  • Polishing: Cleaning and polishing of surfaces, e.g. in car washes

  • Sealing: As stamped parts or custom strips

  • Insulation and attenuation: Works against heat, cold, noises or vibrations

  • Mechanically stable: For high tensile stresses or shear forces, e.g. in braking felt

  • Elastic: High resilience after stress, e.g. in seals

  • Chemically stable: For contact with chemicals, e.g. in seals

  • Thermally deformable: e.g. for moldings in vehicles or for interior architecture

Now let’s get technical.

SOLTA®TEC needle felts are normally available by the meter in widths up to 2400 mm. They can be produced in different thicknesses and densities to suit your requirements. The bandwidth varies from ‘fleecy soft’ to ‘rock hard’. Thicknesses are available of between 1 mm and 50 mm.

By using different fiber materials for the needle felt, a variety of different properties is obtained. Additional finishings further enable a wide range of applications in which even contradictory product properties can be achieved.


  • Surfaces rough or soft
  • Water-repellent
  • Electrostatically conductive
  • Hard
  • Deformable

Fiber properties

  • Chemically stable
  • Mechanically stable
  • Non-flammable
  • Natural

Felt properties

  • Elastic, flexible
  • Insulating and noise-reducing
  • Absorbent

Examples for special finishings:

Often our customers do not require a standard product but rather a felt material that is matched precisely to their application. Our additional finishings allow needle felt products to be adapted still better to their intended purpose. The following examples are merely a selection. We will be happy to discuss further finishings and details for your application with you.

  • Smooth, rough or soft surfaces: The structuring of the surface can be modified, for example, to influence the adhesion of particles.

  • Coatings: Functional surfaces such as barrier layers or anti-slip layers can improve the usability of the product.

  • Depth finishing: Special finishes can significantly alter the properties of needle felts. Examples include the repelling of water droplets, the natural property of ignited needle felt to go out and even a rock-hard felt that retains a textile look.

With us, quality is not accidental.

Download DIN EN ISO 9001 Certificate

SOLTA®TEC needle felts are subjected to a wide range of quality inspections during the production process. For example, we test the bending stiffness and analyze the water absorption of the material. We work together with our customers to define the specific requirements of the material and then we develop the product until it is ready for production. We offer the following services:

  • Preparation of test reports
  • Chemical experiments
  • Microscopic tests
  • Testing of used parts for product or application optimization

We are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and hold all quality records for at least two years.


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