Wool felt for industry.

Wool felt is one thing in particular: versatile.

As a product, wool felt has been produced from wool for centuries using moisture, pressure and warmth. Today our SOLTA®FELT wool felts are being used widely for their diverse properties in a wide range of commodities and consumer goods.

RÖDERS produces high-quality fulled felts to which, depending on the application, either sheep’s wool or even foreign fibers can be added. We consolidate our wool felts and fulled felts entirely mechanically, without the use of binding agents or similar.

Applications for SOLTA®FELT.

Properties of SOLTA®FELT.

  • Sealing: In machine construction, vehicle construction and instrument construction

  • Cushioning: As a packaging felt in orthopedics

  • Soaking up and absorption of liquids: e.g. wet ball bearing seals

  • Storage and transfer of liquids: Ink storage such as rubber stamp pads

  • Polishing and grinding: For the surface treatment of wood, glass, metal etc.

  • Braking: Stripping or braking felt in the steel industry

  • Insulation and soundproofing: As an interior wall and ceiling covering

  • Absorption of harmful substances: Formaldehyde can be bonded in felt

Treatment of SOLTA®FELT (equipment).

Flame-retardant treated wool felts from RÖDERS has been tested and classified under DIN EN 13501-1 by the materials testing department for North Rhine-Westphalia. The wool felts concerned contain wool proportions of 52% and above, in thicknesses from 1.0 mm to 20.0 mm and in densities of 0.15 g/cm³ to 0.36 g/cm³. They meet the requirements of fire class Bfl-s1 (flame-retardant building materials).

If there is a risk of felts coming into contact with high levels of moisture, we recommend impregnation with a water-repellent treatment.

If required, goods can be treated for protection against moth damage.

We apply a large number of different finishes to vary the tactile feel of the products. Such methods can make wool felt as hard as wood.

Now let’s get technical.

SOLTA®FELT rolled goods are normally available in widths up to 2000 mm. These widths, like the lengths, depend on the thickness, the grammage and the quality of the material. Thicknesses are available of between 1 mm and 30 mm. Wool felts are classified in grades of hardness.

Various hardness grades.

We show our colors.

In addition to the technical wool felts, which can be supplied in colors of natural white or natural mottled, colored felts have gained in importance in recent years.

We therefore supply colored wool felts in a density of 0.30 g/cm³ as standard. These colored felts are used as wall coverings, but also for accessories such as bags, cases and key fobs. Other densities are naturally also available on request.

We only use coloring for our felts that are authorized under the Consumer Goods Ordinance. Owing to the nature of the raw material, there may be variations in coloring or mixture.

Animal welfare is a matter very close to our hearts. That is why we only process mulesing-free wool. The method used in Australia to protect sheep from the parasites living there causes considerable suffering to the sheep. As a result, we only source our merino wool from countries where mulesing is prohibited or not required due to local sheep breeds and conditions.

Put us to the test.

We will be happy to send you an inspiring wool felt sample book.

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With us, quality is not accidental.

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Color fastness tests and abrasion tests are only some of the tests that our SOLTA®FELT products must pass before they are sent out to our customers. We work together with our customers to determine the specific requirements and then develop the product until it is ready for production to begin. We offer the following services:

  • Preparation of test reports
  • Chemical experiments
  • Microscopic tests

We are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and hold all quality records for at least two years.

Naturally we also hold the OEKO-TEX certificate for our SOLTA®FELT wool felts (SOLTA®FELT HR, SOLTA®FELT HR-T, SOLTA®FELT OF, SOLTA®FELT OF-T, SOLTA®FELT DF-T Marmor and SOLTA®FELT HR-T 100 N).).


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