Felt for all applications.

SOLTA®FELT – Colorful wool felt by the meter.

We produce high-quality felt from sheep’s wool. Wool felt is used in many areas, for example in the automotive, electrical and furniture industries, in machine building and in the design industry. We supply wool felt by the meter with a width of up to 2000 mm, in a variety of colors, thicknesses and different densities.

SOLTA®TEC – Technical needle felt by the meter.

Our needle felts are used in a variety of applications, for example as an industrial felt in machine construction, as a packaging material or in the automotive industry, but also as a felt for the architecture and design sectors. We can supply needle felt by the meter in widths of up to 2400 mm (product-dependent) and in any preferred density.

SOLTA®FILT – A filter medium based on needle felt for the filtration of gases and liquids.

Needle felt is used in many filter elements, such as fine particulate filters, filter candles and filter cartridges. Our felt is also used as a filter cloth. Whether you are filtering solids from liquids, solids from gases or aerosols from gases, we can provide the correct filter media.

SOLTA®LINER – Felt or felt/glass liners for trenchless pipework rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation of sewerage pipework with hose linings reduces costs and protects residents and the environment. More than 700 kilometers of pipework are rehabilitated with our needle felt around the world each year. This makes us one of the leading providers of felt and felt/glass liners for trenchless pipework rehabilitation (CIPP – cured-in-place pipes).