Surface protection

Felts for surface protection find their applications in technical wool felts and technical needle felts. Two manufacturing processes that bring the right added value specific to their application. The main field of application is in industry, but also in consumer goods. The felts shine not only for their look and feel, but also for their specific properties, which can be perfectly equipped for each application.


Material Protection

Material protection felts are the ideal companion for optimal surface protection. They can be processed in applications ranging from subtle to eye-catching.


Mattress reinforcement (edge protection)

Furniture glider

Oil suction felt (steel coils)


Scratch protection - transport trolley for automotive parts

Reinforcement as seam sealing strips (e.g. bedspreads)

Underlay felt for glass cutting tables


Transport box padding material


Upholstery felt (orthopedics)


Felt for brake felt, must withstand particularly harsh conditions. Brake felt is mainly used in the steel industry and consists of needle felt. This is made of synthetic fibers and consists of many fiber layers. Depending on the mixture of fiber materials and the structure of the product, this results in a wide variety of core properties.

Brake felt


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