Heat / noise damping

In the case of felts for thermal and noise insulation, there is a wide range of combinations from which to choose. The felt property, can be both noise-insulating, but also in its fiber property not burning or temperature resistant. But this is only a small extract from the possible combinations. Because the felt for heat and noise insulation brings smooth or rough surfaces in various gradations. Special coatings or a depth finish.


Damping / Insulation

Our felt for thermal insulation is used mainly in buildings and is different from the usual in the industry. Unlike the common practice, we do not use glass wool or rock wool, which can be difficult, especially in processing and skin compatibility. Also, breaking this wool can pose a health risk by inhaling the fine fibers. Therefore, we rely on our core product the felt and specially equip it to meet building code standards. In addition, our felt has an effect in damping, reduces noise and thus protects against noise pollution.

Sound insulation - gymnasium


Personal advice is what sets Gebr. Röders AG apart. Because nothing is as diverse as felt and its applications. That is why there are no limits to your ideas. We support you with our broad expertise and can also meet very specific requirements through our Research and Development department. Contact us free of charge and without obligation for your personal felt product.