Functional elements

The functional elements wool felt and functional elements needle felt offer an incredible variety of possibilities in their application. From the fine piano mechanics to the rustic application in machine and plant construction, to the stamp pad, there are no limits to the requirements.



Material protection felts are the ideal companion for optimal surface protection. They can be processed in applications ranging from subtle to eye-catching.


Damper felt in piano action

Truck semitrailer - Rattle protection

Car interior - Rattle protection


Sound insulation - shipbuilding

Stamped parts for high-temperature applications (e.g. electrical industry)


Our felts for seals protect against all foreign particles and ensure long-lasting durability for your application.


Seals filtration

Seals for outdoor lights

Seals forklift cabins


Insulation in generators (e.g. wind turbines)


When it comes to felts for transmission, the right fiber properties are crucial. This ensures optimal transmission of foreign substances.


Pressure roller coverings

Transfer of liquids (e.g. varnishes)

Stamp pad


Felts used for polishing must be able to cover a wide range of surfaces. At the same time, functionality must be ensured to remove defects from the corresponding surface. Our polishing felts are designed for achieving an optimal surface.


Polishing / grinding tools

Transfer of liquids (e.g. varnishes)


Personal consultation is what sets Gebr. Röders AG apart. Because nothing is as diverse as felt and its applications. Therefore, there are no limits to your ideas. We support you with our extensive expertise and, through our Research and Development department, we can also meet very specific requirements. Feel free to contact us, free of charge and without obligation, for your personal felt product.


Transfer of liquids (e.g. varnishes)